OK, so you may have noticed I have put next to zero effort into making this look swanky, well you're right. Right now, I am surprised you're here.. so, forgive me, but as this is such early stages, I havent really gotten down to doing the fancier stuff. So here it is, some plain text rubbish as a welcome page.

Right now, I have 6 games Im working on for you to play, if you came here of your own free will I welcome you, if you're one of my friends who came here.. thank you to you too.

GamePretty picDescription
Dungeon Disasters

This is the main reason I made the site, this is the game I work on when I have time, i have some reasonably big plans.

Online game

M&M Muncher

This game is pretty playable and fun IMHO its still in development.. but feel free to try anyway
Note: this game was inspired by the lovely people at Monsters and Memories

Online game

Space Invaders

A classic style space invaders move and fire try get a good score!

Online game


A never ending game of match colours to make special gems to wipe out columns or rows and just keep going :)

Online game


Not particularly hard games, but game of Sudoku to keep your brain going on a long day

Online & android game

Tower Defense

This game is so early in development it may eat your children.. but feel free to try anyway

Online & android game

A contact me form, be nice!